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commercial office cleaning in lakewood

A smart manager knows that if they don't excel at a certain task, their best move is to delegate it to someone who does. If cleaning or lawn care isn't your strong suit, Southwestern General Maintenance is happy to tell you that it's ours! Since 1973, we've been helping businesses in Lakewood, NY put forth the polished, professional image they need to succeed.
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Dirt doesn't stand a chance

An unkempt office doesn't score points with customers, nor does it encourage peak performance from your employees. Let Southwestern General Maintenance keep your environs neat and tidy with vacuuming, dusting, mopping, bathroom cleaning and more.

We'll take care of the details

Whether you own an apartment complex or single-family home, your primary concern is finding quality renters. Southwestern General Maintenance will make sure your grounds are well-maintained and your rental units are clean. Ask about our property management services today!
Man cleaning the floor with yellow wet floor sign

Tiles that cause smiles 

A tile floor can give your property a distinguished and elegant look. Dirty tiles can render all that effort null and void. Southwestern General Maintenance will keep your tiles shiny and clean, right down to the grout. Call today!

Stay in the green zone

A neglected or dying lawn can tell people that your business is neglected or dying, too. That may not be the case, but first impressions count. Southwestern General Maintenance can keep your lawn healthy and green, and our prices won't put your books in the red. Call today for a quote!

Keep the snow where it belongs

No one likes shoveling snow. Be that as it may, letting it accumulate on your walkways and parking areas is a liability. Southwestern General Maintenance will keep your surroundings free of ice and snow, and your customers and employees safe. Call today for pricing and availability!

We can make it work

A clean office isn't just a luxury for the 1%. It's a necessity for a business to survive in a very competitive world. Southwestern General Maintenance offers commercial office cleaning services that will make your office look like a member of the Fortune 500, at prices everyone can afford. 
Call today, come in to a clean office tomorrow!
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